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The commitment we have with our customers is what drives us to give our very best. For this reason, we seek out local and fresh products for our kitchen.


The perfect atmosphere and temperature are crucial for rising dough.


Our goal is to consistently deliver the best bread to your table.


It fills us with great joy to be able to bring a taste of Latin America through our recipes




We provide high-quality products.

A symphony of flavors is created by their harmonious blend, which is characterized by hints of color and spicy aromas.

A passion that comes from afar. Elman, the Head Chef, has had a true passion for pastry since he was a child.

Having always been inspired by his personal and demanding commitment to pastry making, he has freely experimented with this art form, creating exciting recipes and continually reinterpreting great desserts, classics.


Every day, the patisserie bakes wonderful specialties that accompany every flavorful moment of the day, from breakfast to dinner.

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